- Ham and cheese
- Pepperoni with ham and cheese
- Tuna and cheese
- Pate herbs
- Omelette (mushrooms or natural) and cheese
- Chorizo and cheese oaxaca
- Chicken ham and cheese
- Sofrito mushrooms and cheese
- Nutella banana filadelfia

All our baguettes lead:
- Lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber, according to your taste.
- Homemade bread freshly baked.
- Manchego cheese

Baguettes Gourmets:
- Serrano Ham and cheese
- Camembert cheese, ham and pineapple
Garlic baguette 2/3 people 90.00
Garlic bread 6/8 people $190.00
Only by order with 12 Hrs of anticipation

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